How To Get Better At Soccer Shooting ?

Get better at soccer shooting

Get better at soccer shooting

When participating in a soccer attack, you may find yourself in several different scoring positions. Different situations require different types of shooting skills. If you want to score regularly, you need to practice on how to take shots. Great players have the ability to score from anywhere on the field. Here are some few tips on how to get better at soccer shooting and become a great soccer player.

How to positioning non kicking foot

The height of the shot depends on how you have position the non-kicking foot. You need to position the foot slightly ahead of the ball to keep the shot low. Avoid distractions like moving defender by focusing only on striking the ball

Practice with a goalkeeper

Training with a goalkeeper can help improve your shooting skills. It is fun to have a goalkeeper standing in the goal (comparing to shooting at an empty goal). By having a goalkeeper in the goal you will be able to perfect on your shooting ability much better.

Practice using both feet.

If you can only play with one of your foot, you are a very limited soccer player. Always, practice to shoot with both feet. Do not hesitate to using your weaker foot. You will only do better after doing consistent practice. With more practice that is regular, you will not be able to tell the difference between your right and left feet.
Kick the ball properly

A good soccer shoot does not mean just kicking the ball with more power. What is more significant is to try kicking the ball properly. You need to observe where the goalkeeper is position before executing your shoot. You need to reason, has he left any gap that you can exploit? If yes, apply one the best technique to execution the shoot. Many shooters prefer a side foot shot because it is more accurate; however, laces (insteps) will have greater power. Furthermore, when striking the ball, keep your head down and fixed the eyes on it.

There are two ways of shooting, long and short -range. When executing the long-range shooting, bend a little low and strike the ball with your toe. When you want curve the ball to the right hit it by your out-step. Always make sure that your toes intact when shooting. Hopefully, practicing these tips on how to get better at soccer shooting will help you become a greater legend in the field of soccer.



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